Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Update

Well my promise to myself to update every weekend is pretty much gone right? Maybe I can get back on it starting this summer! Here is a quick update of everything that has been going on with us this spring.

Mom has a new baby who was born with a cleft pallet and is being treated at Doernbecker Children's Hospital in Portland so they have made a few trips up here recently. On one of their trips up here we went to my favorite Children's Museum! The kids had a blast in the jungle room.

Andy has been playing softball on an city league team that is a mix of men from our church and dutch brothers employees. Weird mix! The team isn't that great but on sunny days it is nice to spend some time outside.

This is moms new baby (can't show her sweet face!) I am in love with ruffles and this onesie with a ruffle bum was very quick to make.

One of moms trips was on Mothers Day weekend! We got to take her out to dinner and enjoy the weekend with her and the kids.

Spring is my favorite time to teach in the classroom. So many great things to learn about! We found this butterfly one day while we were outside. It had recently been released by a kindergarten classroom and wasn't ready to fly away yet. The kids got to study it for a long time! We are now raising some butterflies of our own.

The biggest and BEST news of the spring: TeriAnn and Jesse are having a BABY!!!!!!! We are all very excited to be Aunts and Uncles and Grandma and Grandpa! She is due December 22nd (right around my winter break!) I already tried to start shopping but it's hard when you don't know the gender yet! Can't wait to keep updating more and more about the new adventure in our family!