Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ken Craft and Squeeze It!

The church was having a bake sale for a missions trip to Latvia so I took it as an excuse to use new baking tools!!!

For my bridal shower TeriAnn got me a Squeeze It from Tupperware which works awesome!! It works just like a pipping bag with less of a mess and takes less control to use. I even used it to fill some cupcakes with a strawberry filling which I always thought was way to complicated for me! (Mine is in the dishwasher or I would have taken a picture of it!)

For the wedding my Aunt Maureen brought some sugar delights from a Utah company called Ken Craft. They made my cupcakes look like they took hours to make but really they just took minutes!!

I made all vanilla cupcakes with half vanilla and half chocolate frosting.

Do they look delicious???

P.S. How do I make my pictures look this awesome??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding Pictures!!

I will fully admit that I have been stalking our mail man waiting for these pictures to get in the mail and they are finally here and I LOVE THEM!!! I am going to post them on facebook and snapfish tomorrow but for now here is a small preview!

My Fav!!

My second Fav!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Peach Pie!

Well one of my new tasks as a house wife is to spend all day baking and cooking so that the house smells all homemade when my hubby gets home from work :) And the reason that is so funny is because I've done very little cooking or baking since we've been back!! I guess I haven't been very good at that part!
However, last week was Andy's Dad's birthday and he requested a peach pie. Now I've never been good at making pies but I wanted to give it another try. Here are my results:

All of the supplies gathered up and ready to go. Andy was home for lunch at this time and was making fun of me because I actually took a picture of this :)

The peaches, all glazed and ready to be baked!

Here it is! With a "K" on top! Now this might not look fabulous but let me tell you, it looks 100% better than any pie I have made before! The best part is that I actually know what went wrong and am planning to fix it next time.

My next challenge is an apple pie because Andy has been begging for one!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome Back!

I loved doing the wedding blog so much that I just had to continue it somehoe! Thanks to Amy for the name idea! Hopefully this will be a nice way to keep everyone updated on what we are doing here in Salem and for us to stay in touch with those who we are far away from now (or those we are still close to!)

We are one day short of being married for one whole month!! How come the months after the wedding are flying by so much faster than before the wedding? So far we have gotten mostly moved into the apartment (except for the spare bedroom closet that is haunts me every time I walk past it!) We've gotten started on the decorating but I'm being kind of particular so it's taking a long time to pick out how I want everything to look. I'm guessing that most of this new blog is going to be my decorating trials and crafting.

I've gotten almost all of the name change paperwork done! I have my new social security number, licence, costco card, and am going to get a library card in the new name tomorrow :) One exciting thing did come in the mail last week..... MY TEACHING LICENCE!!! (Yeah it is still in the old name but it will probably stay that way until I find a job or start subbing). Here is the million dollar piece of paper and the proof that 5 years of school really does pay off: