Sunday, January 17, 2010


There is not much going on but I feel like we've been really busy! Not many craft projects recently, just trying to get the whole house organized and clean! There are just a few more things that I want to tweek and then everything will be perfect (for a couple months until I decide to redecorate again!)
Last week I took my kids on their first field trip! We went to the Humane Society and it was a lot of fun. Andy leaves this week for 4 nights in Orlando for a work conference. I have 4 sewing projects to at least get started in that time. TeriAnn's Birthday present, two more car rolls for my mom's friend Joann, a decorative pillow for our bed and my first attempt at making a quilt for Ashley's little boy who is on the way... Lots to do and not much time!
When I have exciting pictures to post I will, until then enjoy the three day weekend!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year In Pictures

A lot of excited things happened for Andy and I last year, here is the year in pictures!

James and Makenna officially became Wallace's!

Andy got hired as a Territorial Sales Representative from Grainger Industrial Supply.

Survived two terms of student teaching and finished two work samples!

Got my Masters of Education from Pacific University and met three of the most amazing women ever!

Said "I do!"

Went to Maui!

Got a great new car then got rear-ended but it's all fixed now!

Went to the Oregon Zoo with James, Makenna, Mom, Akayla, Ashley, and Maddy!

Got my own classroom! Teaching Head Start at Highland Elementary.

Visited my Sister and Jesse in Reno.

Celebrated our first married Christmas together :) (and New Years!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

What I have made!

Remember many posts ago when I posted a huge list of all the fun things I wanted to make??? I am very proud to show off this post of all the stuff that got done!!

Made this cute little purse for Makenna (I have no idea why my computer won't let me rotate the picture)

I had to make one for mom's little girl Brok-a-Brok too.

This is probably one of my favorite even though James didn't really care about it. It rolls out to store....

... Cars!! I thought it would be great for how often they are in the motor home or on small trips.

I made these rice bags for all the girls at work!

They are great to keep your feet warm all winter long!

Super easy dish towel apron that I made for myself (but plan to make for others in the future) I was most proud of the little ruffle at the bottom!

Of course I have spent the last few days finding more projects to do which will be easy with my best Christmas present ever! A sewing machine of my very own! Oh how housewifey of me!