Sunday, January 17, 2010


There is not much going on but I feel like we've been really busy! Not many craft projects recently, just trying to get the whole house organized and clean! There are just a few more things that I want to tweek and then everything will be perfect (for a couple months until I decide to redecorate again!)
Last week I took my kids on their first field trip! We went to the Humane Society and it was a lot of fun. Andy leaves this week for 4 nights in Orlando for a work conference. I have 4 sewing projects to at least get started in that time. TeriAnn's Birthday present, two more car rolls for my mom's friend Joann, a decorative pillow for our bed and my first attempt at making a quilt for Ashley's little boy who is on the way... Lots to do and not much time!
When I have exciting pictures to post I will, until then enjoy the three day weekend!

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