Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick Projects

I have no idea where I found this but I've had it saved on my computer for a while now and have wanted to re-create it somehow. I wanted to make it a little more personal by using names instead of just "home".

My first attempt was this one which I made using things that were already at our house. I wish the letters were a little bigger like the one above but overall I liked how it turned out.

This is where it sits in our bedroom.

My next attempt was for my sister and Jesse's anniversary present (more than a month late!). I really like how this one turned out! I used brown to match their new living room furniture and a much nicer frame than I used for ours. Still the frame was only a couple of dollars and the stickers were just a few dollars as well. I like this one more than the one I made for us!

They are such an easy project for how easy and quick they are to make and I really think they add a nice personal touch to the home decor! I am planning on making these for the next few couples that we know who get married!

p.s. I found a new set of blog templates that I love so much I'm having a hard time choosing! Things might be changing around here often!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog and Decor for Fall

It's getting cold and we turned on the heater for the first time last night so I thought it was time to update the blog to match the weather. I had a fabulous birthday weekend and got some great giftcards from Andy's family. One of them was to Michaels and I was excited to find all of their fall decor half price! I updated a few things in the house and wanted to show them off. I took the pictures at night so they turned out kinda weird but trust me they look beautiful!

Updated this picture and the flowers in this vase. The pinecones in this smell amazing! I was sad that I needed them to fill this vase, even though I think they look great in there. I am on my way to get more tomorrow so that the house will smell great too!

I just updated the paper on these squares around our mirror. they were bright summer colors and now they are deep fall colors. This looks even more amazing than this picture could ever show.

I love using random kitchen objects for table centerpieces. This is my latest favorite "vase" to use with a candle in the middle.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I Need YOUR help!

At the beginning of the summer I found these great frames on a GREAT sale! I knew I wanted some silver frames about this size to go over our bed. I am not going to use the collage mats that are inside them, once I find the right pictures I will get plain white mats to use.

The problem that I need your help with is that I can't find anything great to fill them with!!! I want something simple and blue. Preferably multiple shades of blue to match our headboard and duvet cover. I was thinking of some great simple flowers maybe against a blue sky but can't find them. I also would love three similar pictures but different.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Very Blessed

"Most of Oregon's 2,400 new teachers unable to find jobs this fall"

An article from the Oregonian that I found interesting and humbling. I feel very blessed to have a job and love the kids I work with!