Monday, October 5, 2009

I Need YOUR help!

At the beginning of the summer I found these great frames on a GREAT sale! I knew I wanted some silver frames about this size to go over our bed. I am not going to use the collage mats that are inside them, once I find the right pictures I will get plain white mats to use.

The problem that I need your help with is that I can't find anything great to fill them with!!! I want something simple and blue. Preferably multiple shades of blue to match our headboard and duvet cover. I was thinking of some great simple flowers maybe against a blue sky but can't find them. I also would love three similar pictures but different.



  1. Here are some of my ideas... (depending on the size you could cute it to fit the three frams and then hang them together)

    You could also find wallpaper you like and frame that. Or paint a board blue and then find pictures of flowers you like to super impose onto the board. hmmm....let me keep thinking!

  2. You could also copy Sarah's idea and used raised wallpaper and then just highlight the flowers with blue paint.