Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Wipe Cases

One down, many more to go! Over the weekend I was able to steal my moms hot glue gun and finish this first craft! I fell in love with this fabric when I was searching for a boy fabric but still had to get it. I decided to make one of these for my mom as a first practice. I think it turned out pretty cute! They are not the most practical but defiantly add a little spunk to your diaper bag!

This one was made for my cousin Sara who just had her first baby right before Thanksgiving! We got to see him on Sunday and he is adorable!!!

I also made this blanket for her that took me months to finish but I just loved the colors! She had registered for these sheets and I thought they matched it perfectly!

I finished another project with my sister over the weekend but need some finishing touches before showing it off. I also brought home my moms sewing machine so lots more projects to come this weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flannel Sheets

It must be winter time, we put on the flannel sheets! They are not the most beautiful thing in the world but they are a lot warmer to get into!

Sorry I haven't posted much I just finished two long, long days of parent-teacher conferences. But it's worth it because I get today off! We will spend tomorrow at Andy's parents house and then drive down for a fun filled second Thanksgiving with my family. My sister and I have a few crafts planned and I can't wait to share them with you all. I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To-Do List

I've been meaning to put together a list of all the crafts I want to do for a while now. Both for me to get organized and to show all of you what I'm up to! This weekend I stumbled upon a new site:

It's an online blogging competition for crafters. my favorite thing was going through all of their blogs and finding some great ideas. This is no where near a complete list but it's all I could find right now!

This is a fun way to spice up your travel pack of baby wipes. I just got the fabric to make one for my cousin who is expecting her first baby any week now! From:

I can't wait to decorate for Christmas this year!! This is a super easy wreath. I want to use green, red and silver balls probably from the dollar store! From:

This is the first project that requires a sewing machine, I'm planning on stealing my moms from Thanksgiving till Christmas :) We need some cute throw pillows for our bed and I thought the flower ones would be great in white and brown. This is the only project that doesn't come with a how to tutorial so it might take a bit longer! From:

I'm sad that we don't have kids yet to appreciate something as awesome as this but I am planning on making one for my parents! I hope to have it done by James's birthday so he can put it on the bar stool and everyone will know it's his special day! What I love about this is that you can make one and use it for everyone in your family for many years! From:

I'm slightly obsessed with aprons right now because of how much of a mess I make when I am baking. This is a little girl one that I thought would be fun dress up for Makenna but could also be easily added to for an adult. From:

If I'm not up to making that apron I might just go with some of these! They are made out of dishtowels so there is a lot less sewing involved and it's already the perfect size and material. From:

I'm not obsessed with starbucks coffee but once I find someone who is I will be making one of these for them! I can't remember where I found it though.

My feet are always cold in the winter so I thought these would be simple and useful! From:

An idea for Makenna and any other little girls I know for Christmas. It is sooo easy that I think it's a hard project to pass up! From:

I am VERY far from being able to make something like this but I just couldn't help from saving the tutorial and putting it on this list. I would love to be able to make great quilts like this someday! From:

I've got a lot to do between now and Christmas!!!