Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog and Decor for Fall

It's getting cold and we turned on the heater for the first time last night so I thought it was time to update the blog to match the weather. I had a fabulous birthday weekend and got some great giftcards from Andy's family. One of them was to Michaels and I was excited to find all of their fall decor half price! I updated a few things in the house and wanted to show them off. I took the pictures at night so they turned out kinda weird but trust me they look beautiful!

Updated this picture and the flowers in this vase. The pinecones in this smell amazing! I was sad that I needed them to fill this vase, even though I think they look great in there. I am on my way to get more tomorrow so that the house will smell great too!

I just updated the paper on these squares around our mirror. they were bright summer colors and now they are deep fall colors. This looks even more amazing than this picture could ever show.

I love using random kitchen objects for table centerpieces. This is my latest favorite "vase" to use with a candle in the middle.

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