Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ken Craft and Squeeze It!

The church was having a bake sale for a missions trip to Latvia so I took it as an excuse to use new baking tools!!!

For my bridal shower TeriAnn got me a Squeeze It from Tupperware which works awesome!! It works just like a pipping bag with less of a mess and takes less control to use. I even used it to fill some cupcakes with a strawberry filling which I always thought was way to complicated for me! (Mine is in the dishwasher or I would have taken a picture of it!)

For the wedding my Aunt Maureen brought some sugar delights from a Utah company called Ken Craft. They made my cupcakes look like they took hours to make but really they just took minutes!!

I made all vanilla cupcakes with half vanilla and half chocolate frosting.

Do they look delicious???

P.S. How do I make my pictures look this awesome??

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  1. Those DO look delicious ... and professionally made!