Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back In The Groove!

A long, long, time ago I made a deal with Ashley. She was so kind to beautifully address all of our wedding invitations and in exchange I would scrapbook all of the pictures from Maddy's first year (she's two now!!) Ashley upheld her end of the deal and now it's months later and I am just getting around to the scrapbooks. I knew once I got started I would fall in love with scrapbooking again but it was really hard to get started. With only one month left of my summer vacation I knew I had to get started. So I pulled out EVERYTHING and fully took over the dinning room table. First I spend hours organizing and then I got started. I got so into it that I finished one of the two scrapbooks all this weekend!!!

This first one is smaller than the second will be but it goes through Maddy's first year by months. Ashley took a picture on her birthday each month so this scrapbook shows how much she grew in one year. Here is a sneak peak for Ashley and for everyone else to see how cute Maddy is:

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