Friday, August 28, 2009

Latest Projects

When my mom came up a few weeks ago she brought me these black shelves from my room at home that I had completely forgotten about. Everything in my room used to be black but since I have a whole house to decorate now only one room is black. The guest bedroom has my old black bed but I really wanted these shelves to go into our bedroom. A year ago I would have given these shelves to goodwill and went to Target to buy white ones to match our room. Now that I am obsessed home decor shows and blogs I know that these could easily be spray painted white. This is how they started:

They are not perfect but I think they turned out pretty well for my first spray painting project:

I made the "Lynch" frame with things that I had around the house and a little bit of extra spray paint.

This is my next project. This desk is in our spare bedroom where the rest of the furniture is black. Before I can paint it black I have to sand the entire thing which may take me all week! I will make sure to share the finished product!!

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  1. I lurve the frame and the shelves. Very good job...addicting isn't it? I blame Sarah for our addiction.