Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome Back!

I loved doing the wedding blog so much that I just had to continue it somehoe! Thanks to Amy for the name idea! Hopefully this will be a nice way to keep everyone updated on what we are doing here in Salem and for us to stay in touch with those who we are far away from now (or those we are still close to!)

We are one day short of being married for one whole month!! How come the months after the wedding are flying by so much faster than before the wedding? So far we have gotten mostly moved into the apartment (except for the spare bedroom closet that is haunts me every time I walk past it!) We've gotten started on the decorating but I'm being kind of particular so it's taking a long time to pick out how I want everything to look. I'm guessing that most of this new blog is going to be my decorating trials and crafting.

I've gotten almost all of the name change paperwork done! I have my new social security number, licence, costco card, and am going to get a library card in the new name tomorrow :) One exciting thing did come in the mail last week..... MY TEACHING LICENCE!!! (Yeah it is still in the old name but it will probably stay that way until I find a job or start subbing). Here is the million dollar piece of paper and the proof that 5 years of school really does pay off:

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  1. I am so glad you are back blogging. I missed reading about what is going on in your life!