Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Peach Pie!

Well one of my new tasks as a house wife is to spend all day baking and cooking so that the house smells all homemade when my hubby gets home from work :) And the reason that is so funny is because I've done very little cooking or baking since we've been back!! I guess I haven't been very good at that part!
However, last week was Andy's Dad's birthday and he requested a peach pie. Now I've never been good at making pies but I wanted to give it another try. Here are my results:

All of the supplies gathered up and ready to go. Andy was home for lunch at this time and was making fun of me because I actually took a picture of this :)

The peaches, all glazed and ready to be baked!

Here it is! With a "K" on top! Now this might not look fabulous but let me tell you, it looks 100% better than any pie I have made before! The best part is that I actually know what went wrong and am planning to fix it next time.

My next challenge is an apple pie because Andy has been begging for one!

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  1. Way to go Tara!!! Pies are wicked hard. So good for you!