Monday, December 14, 2009

Our First Christmas Tree

Our very first Christmas tree!! We drove all around Salem two Saturday's ago in search of this thing! Then spent the weekend stringing popcorn and hanging ornaments. We went simple (mainly because it's either what we had or what was given to us!) and we love it!! I find my self staring at the tree instead of the TV most of the time.

This is one of the projects that I had listed a few post ago that I really wanted to make. When I was home with my family over Thanksgiving break my sister and I made them. We thought it would be easiest to skip the hot gluing them part and after most of the balls fell off I went back and hot glued them all. I ruined the bow that my sister made me so had to buy one from walmart. Next year I am going to have her make me another one because I think this one looks kind of cheesy!

Just a few other decorations we have around the house. This frame is one of my favorite things. I got the paper from Craft Warehouse but had everything else here at the house. It's the inspiration for our new Christmas "theme". Dark wood, maroon and ivory for a "traditional" Christmas feel. It will be a while before we really get into that but I am looking forward to Target the day after Christmas for some good deals!!

Coming later this week will be all of the things I made over the weekend!

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  1. I feel I have seen this wreath before, could it be a Thrifty Decor Chick thing? ;-) Love your Christmas feel!