Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

A nice perk of being a teacher is getting this one week off each spring. I love it because it gives me a chance to clean the house and finish up projects but most importantly because it signifies the end of the school year is near! I counted today and we have only 12 weeks to go!

I spent the beginning of the week working on my super secret project. It is soooo close to being done and I can not wait to show it off!!

My second secret project was a belated cake for Makenna's birthday. I took it in to my parents house and told my mom that I just didn't have time decorate it. I think she knew something was up when I couldn't stop smiling as she cut into it!

A RAINBOW cake! Whenever you ask Makenna what her favorite color is she says "I love every color of the rainbow, but my favorite is purple." I thought this was appropriate!

Andy has been doing P90X now for a few weeks and didn't want to take a break even when we spent 3 days with my parents. He has all of the kids doing yoga with him!

To get out of the house, Mom took us all to a play center in Medford and they had the best dress up clothes! James wants me to try and make one of these for him... hmmmm...

Makenna wants me to make her a skunk costume! This one was cute too.

Can you see the rainbow? This was on our drive home.

Spending the last few days of spring break getting the house all cleaned up and sleeping in! I hope everyone else was able to take some time to relax as well!

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