Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Months Old!

Parker turned 2 months old last week!
Right now he loves to smile and lay down to kick his legs. He sleeps through most of the night just waking up once or maybe twice for a feeding. His favorite toy is his puppy wubbanub and he loves to watch his Grandma Tammy and Auntie TeriAnn during facetime chats!

Parker loved the sun we had last week!

Parker made my first Mothers Day extra special. Daddy did all of the night time feedings so that I could sleep and did all of the cooking and cleaning so that Parker and I could just relax. 

This $10 swing is the best thing that I ever bought! 

Parker at church last Saturday night. He usually sleeps through most of service. He especially loves the music during worship.

Salem had a second hand sale last week where I got this awesome playmat that Parker LOVES to lay under!

Andy wanted to make sure that Parker wasn't the only one featured on the blog so this is him drinking the first beer from his latest batch :) 

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