Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Trips

I really need to start updating more often because I have so many pictures to show!! We only have 3 weeks left of summer and we are trying to fit everything in that we can! 

Parker and Dad are getting ready and have started the countdown to Ducks football

At Parker's 4 month check-up the doctor said to wait for solid foods until 6 months but we have given him a few taste already :) 

We went on our first camping trip with the Lynch family. There was a great trail right behind our campsite that we took a nice hike on. This was Parkers first time "dry" camping.

With Grandma and Grandpa Lynch

Grandma Tammy came into town again and we went Blueberry picking

We also went to the Portland Zoo while her and the kids were in town. It was Parker's first time at the zoo!

Last weekend we were back at the lake. Grandpa's boat puts Parker right to sleep!

A very intense game of Go Fish

James is a real skiier now! He started ski skimming and spent all weekend trying to get Dad out on the boat. 

They are both also still obsessed with finding lizards and frogs and making homes for them. 

Auntie TeriAnn got us started playing the Wheels on The Bus and it is now Parker's new favorite song!

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