Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to Work :(

Mommy had to go back to work this week :( It was  much harder on me than it was on Parker. There was a little bit of adjusting to his sleep schedule and i'm sure it will be a few more weeks before we are all into a good consistent routine. 

This is Parker visiting my classroom and helping get everything set up!

Parker was a big help at the estate sale for Great Grandma Sherry. Many people tried to buy him from us but we told them we were planning on keeping them for a bit ;)

He is such a ham for the camera!

This week Parker got 2 TEETH!! He wasn't very fussy but he does love to chew on those fingers. 

Daddy had his last softball game for the city league team. They lost the first game and were out of the playoffs but still played a complimentary second game where Daddy hit a HOME RUN! We were all very proud of him.

He still refuses to roll over and doesn't crawl yet but he does love to walk like this. His feet are always moving and he loves to see everything at this level. 

Updates may be fewer and far between now that I am back at work but I promise to try and post pictures as often as possible!

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