Saturday, February 6, 2010

The News

We have decided to buy a house!!! We haven't found the perfect one yet but it has already been a very long two weeks. Two weeks ago we were driving around and decided to walk through an open house (just because it was fun at the time!) While we were there we talked to the lender who was showing the house for a very long time. After talking to him about how the $8,000 tax credit works Andy decided that it would really be crazy for us to pass it up. Our offer has to be accepted by April 30th which kind of puts us on a tough time line.
The first step was meeting with a lender and getting pre-approved for an FHA loan. We thought this would be the easiest part but it turned out to be very stressful. Since my contract list me as a temporary employee the lender told us that they would not accept ANY of my income! That meant that we would not qualify for anything more than a shack :( Needless to say we left her office very disappointed but she said she would make some phone calls in the morning and see what she can do. After talking to her underwriter she found out that my contract is very standard for the school district and we decided to at least put in the application and see what happens. That's the phone call that we had been waiting for all week to see if we were approved and for how much, it was a very long week!!
We found out late yesterday afternoon that we were approved!!! Now we could really go house hunting (We had gone to multiple open houses last weekend just looking around). We met with our Realtor today and found that these are our favorite two so far. They are both really different and we truly can't decide which one we like best. So far we've probably looked at 10 houses and still want to look at more this week before we move any further on either of them.
That's my update!!! It's been a lot of ups and downs and we are just getting started! I wanted to make sure the approval went through before really telling people just in case things didn't go through. Hopefully I will have more to share this week :)


  1. That is awesome!!!! Congrats you two!!!

  2. Thank you! Andy has decided the first one is a no go but cross your fingers because we are going to look at a great one tomorrow! (It's a little high so we would need them to really come down in price, it's worth a try!)