Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Back Room!

According to my phone we have lived in our house for 146 days and I can finally say that our back room is done... almost :) It's the only room in the house that we have finished putting our own personal touch on. The front room is also done but we have done very little to it! I can never remember which one is living and which one is family so I just go by back and front!

I never took a before picture of it with our stuff in it so this is the picture from the real estate website before we bought it. Notice the green bottom and purple, yes I said purple, trim all the way around the room. I love the color on the bottom, it is the same color as our kitchen, but I thought that it didn't fit in this room and made your eyes go down instead of up.

And this is our finished product: LOVE!

We went with more neutral colors and a light bottom and darker top.

I wanted big eye catching art for above our fireplace but of course everything that I liked was super expensive. This was a DIY project that I found months ago on a blog and even though it's not perfect I think it works great in this space. Probably my favorite thing in our entire house! Might change some accessories around it but those will come over time.

Living room and dinning room are in one so this is the opposite side of the fireplace.

The new dinning room table that we searched for months for! I wanted 6 seats but it had to be compact because of the space. It also had to look good against the dark wood behind it. It is the first piece of real furniture that we have ever bought!

I said almost done because I still am searching for the perfect curtains on the back door. I want to add a pop of color and texture here but curtains are expensive so I have to find the perfect set.

An up close of the colors and the bottom half of the room.

Our first big room makeover that took 4 months to complete but turned out to be exactly what we wanted! Next summer we are getting new couches!!! I'm sure that will change the whole look of the room and more changes will come from that but for now we are happy with it!

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