Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafty Saturday

It was a very busy in our house this week! We started off with Andy having a minor surgery (everything went well and he is fine now!), on Thursday our computer quit working and on Friday our water heater went out again! Thankfully we got everything fixed before Saturday and we were ready to relax for the weekend. We had an amazingly crafty Saturday that even Andy got involved in!

I have an entire craft room in our house and yet I tend to move everything out into the family room so that I can be closer to Andy and the TV. I've recently taken over our dinning room table. There are about four projects going on here and I made progress on each of them over the weekend!

This pile of apples has been calling Andy's name to make into an apple pie. If you know my history with pies you know why I have been putting him off for a while now. I finally made a deal that if he makes the crust I will take care of everything else.

The most successful pie our house has ever seen! It took some good team work (and a lot of cleaning up the kitchen afterwards!)

Andy's birthday was a couple weeks ago and my sister sent him a personal ice cream maker. Another part of our successful Saturday was going to the grocery store so we finally got some ingredients to make ice cream.

We finished the day off with a dinner date, movie and Andy eating his homemade ice cream with apple pie!

I'm excited to have Monday off to spend some more time sewing, sewing and more sewing! Hopefully this week turns out to be as good as the weekend was.

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