Friday, February 4, 2011


I know it has been forever since I updated but I had time to update tonight and couldn't think of anything to write about! I have about a million things going on but am in the middle of everything and have nothing completed to show! When I don't have a crazy timeline of Christmas it takes a lot longer for things to get done around here. I have been working like crazy and spent most of tonight coloring a book to share with my students (Andy says that coloring can't be considered work but when it's 30 pages it is!)

I did finally go through and update the blogs that I visit daily! One blog that I recently stumbled on is Life In Grace. I LOVE it!! The first post that I read was about her house tragically burning down right before Christmas. After reading that post I had to know more and spent an entire night reading. I recommend it as a great read!

On the topic of reading (and more randomness), for the first time since summer I had time to pick up a book and read it. I had heard about the book "The Help" and checked it out from the library. It was amazing and really worth reading. I spent hours each night because I literally could not put it down!

Promise to be back later with something more interesting for ya!

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