Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still here and back with good news!

I think almost everyone knows this by now but I am officially a hired teacher!!! It all happened so fast that I don't even know what to think yet. I got a call last Wednesday saying they had a teacher who left and were going to need to fill the position with a sub until they could re-do the interview process. Then I got a call Thursday saying that the initial interviews they had conducted were enough and that they would be offering me the position. I had to wait till Friday before I got the "official" job offer.

I am now the new Pre-K teacher at Highland Elementary through Headstart!!! Headstart is an AWESOME program! On my very first day all of the teachers and staff were incredibly welcoming and have continued to check up on me and make sure that I am not feeling to overwhelmed. This week I had four full days of training. Because Headstart is a government program and this program is through the Salem-Keizer school district there is SOOO much paper work and procedures to learn. Everyone has been really helpful and I am starting to understand it all.

I am very excited to spend next week going on home visits and meeting each of my students and their families. The sad news is that with all of the work and reading I have been doing I no longer have time to finish refinishing my desk and many of my other projects are going to be on hold for a while.

I can't wait to keep everyone updated on my new adventure! I will post pictures of my classroom as soon as I take them. It is beautiful!! I promise to try and post as often as I can but the next 2 or 3 weeks getting into the swing of things might be slow.

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  1. Mrs. are going to be the best teacher EVER.