Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby John's Quilt

This is my second quilt and was far more challenging than the first! My very favorite friend Ashley is expecting her second baby any day now. I really wanted to bless them with something special and that was why the entire quilt experiment started in the first place (that I am totally obsessed with now). This is a "rag" quilt, it has raw edges all around the middle squares so the more it gets washed the more snuggly it will get. Last Saturday we met up to get a little pampering and to hand it over so now I can share the pictures with you!

I purposefully did not show any progress pictures along the way so that it would be a surprise for her but I did take some. At some point this week or next I will post some of them.

I used the tutorial for the quilt top from here:
and the tutorial for the binding from here:

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  1. Tara, we love it! It's in my car waiting for him. I stare at it, Maddie holds it, we are all dreaming of wrapping him in it. Thank you so much my love.