Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's About Time

We FINALLY signed the papers yesterday!! That's 11 days after we were supposed to sign them!

They had told us we would for sure be signing them on Thursday and it would be closed on Friday so we could be moving in right now. They were wrong again and we signed Thursday at one meaning that it won't close until Monday. There is a chance it won't close till Tuesday which would mean that we will stay here until the next weekend because we wouldn't be able to use Andys Dad's moving truck from Tuesday through Friday. If it closes on Monday like it's supposed to them we will be moving in Monday at 5!

We signed a billion papers, most of which said the same thing over and over, some of them were even blank! At least that step is over and fingers are crossed that everything goes right from this point on!

Friday was even more stressful on top of trying to find time to sign the papers. I got a voice mail from my Mom during class on Friday (during music!) that said she was going in for a cat scan at noon. She had stomach pains all week and the doctor thought it might be appendicitis. We pushed up the signing of the papers a few hours so that we could leave for Medford as early as possible if we needed to. Luckily, it was not appendicitis and she did not need to go in for surgery that night. She found out that she has cist on her ovaries. Still very painful but will hopefully go away on their own. We are very thankful that everything will be ok (and that she still gets to go on her vacation next week!)

We are very glad that Friday is over! Now we waste away another Saturday and Sunday and prepare for moving on Monday! Off to the Salem Saturday Market!

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  1. Its CT scan and CYST, you both spell it cist, which is quite funny!