Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One More Week

Our closing got pushed off one more week :( The appraisal took longer than it should have and there are a TON of people processing loans right now so even though we were supposed to be signing papers yesterday we didn't. Our lender said we have a one percent chance of signing them tomorrow but more than likely it will be Monday. Which means we won't move in until next weekend because we gave them three days after closing. Like my mother said, as long as we close some time we should be good. But my house is a DISASTER!

That is only the beginning of it.

I was having a hard time living in it for this week and now it's an entire week more! We have been praying that they would find somebody to rent our apartment out asap but now we are really praying that they haven't quite yet because we were supposed to be out by Sunday. If they keep us to that we will be homeless for a week!

I guess I just have to do what I do best and get to organizing!

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