Friday, March 26, 2010

My Obsession

Andy pointed out that I may have some little itty bit of an obsession with blogs! Ok so maybe it's not just a little obsession I actually think it's a pretty big one! Recently I switched from using Internet Explorer to "Google Chrome". Why? Because it's pretty and fancy and I thought what the heck. So needed to move all of my favorites over and sort through them at the same time. I found that I have a TON of projects saved that I would love to do and a TON of blogs that I really like to look at whenever they update them. To keep them all in one place I added them to the side bar on this blog. It makes it easier to see if my favorites are updated and which ones I have looked at recently.
Andy also pointed out that I have made a major shift from baking to sewing and I noticed that most of the blogs have something to do with either sewing or home decor. I'm sure i'll find a few more crafts and then swing back into baking before to long! Coming soon is a list of all the quilts that I am itching to make!

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