Monday, March 15, 2010

Black Butte 2010

A few pictures from last weekend. We met Mom and Dad, The Kids, TeriAnn and Jesse, and the Roberts at Black Butte Ranch for an enjoyable birthday/skiing/shopping weekend.

Makenna got to have everyone at Red Robin sing to her. She wasn't sure what was going on but she loved the ice cream that they brought her!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday! The big kids enjoyed the sunny slopes while mom and I took the kids into town shopping.

The princess sitting at her thrown and opening up presents, what more could a girl want?

TeriAnn's birthday was a month ago but we got to celebrate with her and Kenna together.

Makenna blowing out her candle on some delicious tasting ice cream cupcakes.

While we were in Sisters I found this fantastic quilt shop. I was in LOVE!!! If I won the lottery, I could spend all of my money in this store!

I got some beautiful fabrics!!

I love these fabrics. I can't decide what they should be used for yet but I couldn't pass up how cute they look together!

Just for fun...

A few fabrics for Ashley's quilt.

These are going to make some fantastic pillows!


  1. I love reading your blog - thanks so much for sharing your life. We should get together sometime soon. Are you ever in Eugene?

    I love the stitching post in Sisters, I am pretty sure I could spend my whole paycheck there in a heart beat. I haven't quilted in so long - all my sewing stuff is in storage. :(

  2. Hi Julie!
    It's always great to hear which people actually read the blog! We went down to Eugene for a few football games but otherwise don't really head down that way. If you are ever in Salem give us a call!
    How have you been? Are you still enjoying Eugene? Sometimes I miss that crazy place!