Friday, April 20, 2012

1 Month Old!!!

Parker turned one month old on Sunday! I have no idea where the month went and how he got so big!!! His big milestones for this month are starting to smile, getting a very strong neck and enjoying his tummy time and bath time :)

We spent Saturday night over at the coast with Andy's parents. Parker slept the entire time we walked the beach.  

The hotel we stayed at had a warm swimming pool and Parker LOVED the water!!! We had no swim diaper or swim trunks but we made it work for the 5 minutes that he was in the water. 

He was fussy all day for the first time on Sunday and Monday. When we went to lactation group on Tuesday we talked with a nurse and found out that he has an infection in his mouth called Thrush. The medicine turns his mouth purple! His treatment is done tomorrow but we also have to treat me so that we don't keep passing it back to each other. My treatment will be done in a week and we have to sterilize everything for the next week. It's a lot more work and we will be glad when everything is back to normal!

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