Friday, April 13, 2012

4 weeks old!

Happy Easter everyone! Easter was Parker's first Sunday in church. You can see how happy he was to go :) We are very thankful that our church has a wonderful mommy room where you can still see and hear everything in the sermon. Parker slept through the service but had a very noisy sleep so we spent most of the time in that room! Doesn't he look cute all dressed up?

We love our bath times now! He started his last bath by peeing in the water and ended it with spitting up in the water. What a boy! 

This is what we look like when Daddy gets us dressed in the morning!

We had beautiful weather this week and somehow Daddy convinced us to go golfing with him. Parker slept almost the entire time in his moby. 

The first of many times golfing with Dad!

We are trying to get into the habit of reading to him every night. This book was a little long but he enjoyed the first few pages!

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