Friday, April 6, 2012

Parker Thomas Lynch

Before to long passes I wanted to make sure to sit down and write a little bit about Parker's birth. On Monday, March 12th we had our 38 week check up. Andy and I both were running late and rushed straight to the appointment from work. We were shocked to hear our doctor say that she wanted to send us straight to the hospital to have blood work done and my blood pressure monitored. While we were at the hospital my blood pressure went back down to normal and we were sent home but I was told not to go back to work and be on "bed rest". When we went back to the doctors on Wednesday my blood pressure was high again and Dr. Morgan decided it was time to induce me the next morning.

Here is a picture of me right before we left for the hospital at 7am on March 15th. The doctor started pitocin  within the hour of our check in time and then it was a long time of waiting! I think the hardest part for Andy was sitting around the hospital room with very little going on :) We had a wonderful nurse named Rose who was with us all the way up until the delivery. She had the hardest time tracking Parker's heart rate because he was constantly moving! We had made very little progress by early afternoon but my contractions were bad enough that I was ready for the epidural. Why anyone would choose to go through labor with medication is crazy to me! After the epidural I was relaxed enough to take a nap and relaxed enough to start dilating at a much faster rate! Before the epidural I was around 2 centimeters and from 4pm to 7pm I went from 4 to 9 centimeters! Right after 7 we started pushing and 2 hours later at 9:09 pm Parker was born!

Everyone was expecting me to have a big baby but he was only 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. The doctor was shocked at how much fluid was surrounding him. I'm sure that is why my stomach was so big! Here is our first family picture!

Up until the very last pushes he was turned sideways and it caused him to have lots of bruising all over his face and head. 

Daddy holding Parker for the first time!

Grandma Anita, Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Tammy were all in the waiting room anxious to meet the baby. Grandpa Tom, Aunt TeriAnn and Uncle Jesse were all waiting for constant updates and phone calls!

Grandma Tammy holding Parker for the first time. 

Parker in his carseat for the first time and ready to go home. He screamed all the way down the elevator and then fell asleep. He has enjoyed his carseat ever since then.

When we left the hospital on Saturday Parker was only down about 6 percent in weight but his jaundice levels were right on the fence of being to high. The pediatrician had us come in for a check up on Sunday and he was now down 10 percent and his jaundice levels were way to high. We were admitted back to the hospital for Parker to spend a night under phototherapy lights. The worst part of being under the lights was not being able to hold him or comfort him but the lights worked and his jaundice levels quickly went back down. We were back home again on Monday morning and have been putting on weight since then : )

That was Parker's birth story! Just a few road bumps but we feel extremely blessed to now have a healthy baby and to watch him grow more and more each day.

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