Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Parker's Nursery

It took me weeks after the nursery was finished but many people were asking to see pictures of how it turned out so here they are! Putting together a nursery is a lot more hard work (and money!) than I ever thought it would be. Many of my "ideas" did not turn out or transformed into something completely different by the time they were done. Thankfully we are very happy with the finished product and love taking care of sweet baby Parker in his room! 

The room is a lot smaller with all this furniture than it was with just a desk! 

Possibly the least expensive thing in the room and one of my favorites! 

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Wallace for making this beautiful name art for above his bed!

I had an idea for this collage long before we started the room and started collecting fabrics for it months in advance. When I finally got around to putting it together I realized that all of the fabrics I had were polka-dots! I was ok with another trip to the craft store to make sure it was a little more well balanced :) Auntie TeriAnn also added some pieces to his collage!

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