Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Five

Today started with a LOT of cleaning! We all knew that Mom was on her way and the house had to be clean for her. After the house was clean we went to the Elementary school right next to our house so we didn't make even more messes!

This is my favorite slide ever! It goes down a huge hill so it's never to far away from the ground in case you fall off.

This cool rock wall was a challenge!

You can't leave a track without having a race!

Before Mom showed up we took baths and got nice and clean. Then we got to take Mom to the carousel for a couple of rides.

We tried to make it out of there with them not seeing the park but it didn't work.

Makenna is cool and happy now that she has her Momma back!

Tomorrow is the zoo!!

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  1. Will you please email me the photos of makenna in her pink glasses in the car and james spraying himself in the face? Thanks!