Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day Two

We started the day by going to see Hotel for Dogs. One of our local theaters shows two free kids movies a week. They are always packed full but well worth the free show!

They loved the movie and only had to get up once to go the the bathroom!

Andy desperately needed some new shorts for work so we all went to the mall. We were in and out of the store and yet it was still like wild animals let loose in a zoo....

This is while Andy was trying on his shorts. Kenna is on an iphone, we use them often to keep them entertained for two minutes!

After dinner and getting our p.j.s on we went to a special treat at the library. It was bedtime stories with some songs and dancing. They each got to pick out a book to check out for our bedtimes.

The theme of the story time was arts and crafts so they were both feeling crafty when we got home!


  1. No joke, sometimes they say things and it blows me away how mature they sound!