Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Fruits of my Labor

Back in May I was so excited about the start of our first garden. Sadly, it is now the end of summer and I have very little to report back about :( Our only plant that produced anything was the tomatoes and they are doing great!

This year most of our efforts went towards the inside of our house but next year I am determined to work on the outside. I think the reason that our plants didn't grow was because of the dirt that we used. Next year I want Andy to build up some planters and fill it will nice healthy soil! Maybe next year I will also remember to water everything on a consistent schedule :)

This is our blue ribbon winner for staying the most alive this summer:

This one comes in second (because it's the only one left). Are some tomatoes supposed to be orange? I know this is a different type of tomato plant from the other one but none of them seem to really be turning red.

Don't these look fabulous?! I also should give some credit to our squash plant. It is still alive but hasn't produced anything so it doesn't make it into this post. I also killed the flowers on our front porch :)

There is probably 50 more tomatoes that look like this and should be ready soon.

This is as far as they usually make it because I eat them before I even make it from the garden to the house :)

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