Monday, August 9, 2010

The Drive Home

We went to the lake this weekend and came home with James and Makenna! They are staying with us until next weekend when Mom comes up to go to the zoo with us and takes them home with her. It's the first time they have been away from our parents for this long and not staying in their own house. I think Mom is as nervous as them! I thought I would do a day by day picture diary to keep her up to date!

Starting with the car ride home! It was 5 hours with a detour at the end because of a car accident making it last for-ever! Makenna said that our car wasn't as cool as hers because it doesn't have a TV. Luckily they slept for the first 2 hours! The rest was not nearly as quiet! (This is the first time I have ever tried posting videos so we will see how it goes.)

As soon as James woke up this is what we heard on replay:

The nap really gave them energy and this lasted a LONG time:

Then we started playing the quiet game!


  1. The video worked great...bless your and Andy's heart! Hope the week goes more quietly. ;-)