Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Three

Today we got to spend the morning at Pump It Up with our favorite friends Ashley, Maddie, and Baby J! Pump It Up is full of inflated slides, jump houses, and obstacle courses that the kids could just go wild on! (Sorry for the poor quality pictures, it's hard to take pictures in a warehouse and fast moving slides!)

Ashley and the cutest baby ever, J!

They loved counting to three and going down the big slide all together.

Little J is so adorable and such a joy!

While we were all at lunch together Makenna ran into a wall and got a bloody nose. It probably scared me more than it did her and the poor restaurant had a big mess to clean up. Luckily the lady next to us told me how to get blood out of both of our clothes and all is back to normal!

When Andy got home (and napped) we all got to golf together!

I liked Makenna's rules of golf: hit the ball from the start of the hole, go pick it up, put it a few inches from the hole and then hit it in!

When we got home they spent some time outside playing with the worms that we bought to go fishing. I think James if disappointed that we don't have any lizards or worms in our yard! Sadly all the worms we dead by this morning :(

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  1. I Love it, I can not wait to get there and see them. It's been quiet till King came, but now it's time to see the zoo and then the safari.
    Thanks Again Tara and Andy.