Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day One

Day one was a fun filled day! We learned that it is helpful to keep them busy in our non-child proofed house.

They started by building a tent over the coffee table while I was getting ready in the morning.

This park is one house away from ours and was a great way to get out some energy while we were waiting for Andy to get home from work.

They could have stayed on these swings for-EVER!

You can tell our lawn is in desperate need of watering!

James waited all day to go fishing! These are some ponds close to Keizer that Andy claims you always catch a fish at....

James used a big pole because Andy was skeptical that the frog on the end of his would catch anything.

They fished for a good two minutes and then found something else to do. That left Andy and I to find the fish that James so desperately needed! Did I mention that I hate fishing?

Kenna found a huge field of wish flowers!

It was time to go and we still had caught nothing (so much for that great pond!) The very nice guys next to us, who were catching a ton of fish and were very tolerant of James asking them many questions about them, let him hold one of theirs! Kenna didn't get much closer than this to it. She wasn't so sure.

At least he got to hold a fish!

They fell asleep very easily and slept in past me this morning!


  1. SO funny, I love all these pictures, They are having so much fun. I warned you about the swings, you will be there forever! Thank You so much for having them and making this a great time for them, Love You Both!

  2. Wow, I feel like I'm right there seeing them experience the week away from home.. Love reading all about the things you are doing with them.. Your a wonderful big sister.. creating memories!!!