Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day Six

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! We spend seven hours at the zoo on Saturday! It was great to see how much more they talked about the animals this year from one year ago when we went and they just liked to look them. Here is a mild sampling of the over 200 pictures I took!

The Oregon Zoo has a lot of the animals "homes" and Makenna sat in every one of them! This is an eagles nest and she is pretending to be a bird.

Trying to catch a "fish" in the river and mom trying to keep them from falling in!

These were coyote skulls. This is where James announced to the poor high school worker that his Dad and Uncle Barry like to shoot Coyotes....

Makennas favorite animal, the polar bear!

Andy and I could have watched the elephants all day while James and Kenna were more interested in a squirrel at this point.

Driving through a safari and looking for lions and cheetahs!

I think this was a lions cave and Kenna was being a lion.

James was very interested in the insects and snakes!

This little otter was following whatever Andy or James was doing with their hand. Very cool!

To finish off the day we walked through the dinosaur exhibit. I still am not clear why their were fake (not even life size) dinosaurs at the zoo ??

The sign said "careful, spitting ahead"!! This guy is spitting out water as you walk past him.

James stood their and laughed at it for a really long time!

Running past and getting wet!

Gigantisouras! Kenna was scared and it was so loud that it was hurting James's ears!

We all had a blast and slept really well after seven hours of walking around in the heat! This morning we had one more game of cops and robbers before they packed everything up and headed home with mom! We loved all of the adventures and spending a whole week all alone with them. It was great but it is also great to have a quiet house again!

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us borrow your kids for a week we are looking forward to doing it again next summer!

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